17 November 2014

He Loves Them Too

Yesterday at church I had the privilege of listening to a married couple speak about their missionary work in Tanzania. Their motto was, “our journey begins where the road ends.” This lovely couple showed us a video documenting part of their travel. They had to cross rivers with crocodiles! They travel deep into the country where not many people travel too. There are many tribes that have never seen people outside of their own tribe and these people travel to these people to share the Gospel.

While traveling their vehicles would get stuck in mud or their vehicles could not even make it to certain areas because of the terrain. At one point in the video the missionaries and their team traveled by bicycle! Two hours by bicycle to a village and two hours back. The terrain was not the only struggles they faced. They had to deal with wildlife and the lack of good water. A gentleman in the video said they prayed their water filter worked because they ran out of water and had to use water from a river.

These people face so many obstacles to reach the people in these villages. Their heart is to tell them about Jesus. To tell them of the miracles He can do. To tell them about His love. How He loves them, the people of the villages. The people who have witch doctors. The people who have never seen a white person. The people who have never heard of this Jesus. The people He calls His children.

God has done many miracles for these missionaries. He has opened many doors for this couple to go out into the deepest areas of this country to show His love.

If God can reach people who are in the deepest darkest parts of the world then why do we feel He cannot reach us right where we are at?

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10 November 2014

I Will Rejoice In Him


The beginning of 2014 I set out goals I wanted to reach by the end of the year. One of the goals was to lose weight. I know pretty common among people. I set out to lose the weight I have gained over the years. I wish I could say the weight was from post-baby but it is not. I started gaining the weight when my youngest, my son, was five years old. At the time I had the mentality that I was young and my metabolism was in overdrive.

07 November 2014

My Daughter Just You Wait

Okay y’all I am a Minnesota girl living in Wisconsin. I NEVER thought I would ever live in Wisconsin. Now nothing is wrong with Wisconsin. It is very similar to Minnesota except for all the cheese but overall very similar. I mean I am a Minnesota girl and growing up all I heard was the rivalry between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Well, mainly between the Vikings and the Packers.

06 November 2014

Breaking The Chain I Put On Myself

Last month my daughter and I had the privilege of attending a Women of Faith conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. We had such an awesome and blessed time. We bonded. We laughed. We were exhausted. We were blessed to hear some fabulous speakers, which one of those speakers was my favorite author, Lysa TerKeurst. The one thing Lysa said that stuck out to me had a huge impact on me.

05 November 2014

Not Waiting For The Turkey This Year


Normally I wait until AFTER Thanksgiving before I indulge in anything CHRISTmas. For some reason this year I am ready for CHRISTmas Season to begin!

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04 November 2014

Oh How I Love Daylight Saving Time

Why oh why???

Why does daylight saving time need to end???

I mean do not get me wrong I love the extra hour of sleep and the extra hour during the day to get things done. I know there are 24 hours in the day and just because daylight saving time is done does not mean we are now receiving 25 hours in a day, but it sure does feel like it! Yesterday I felt like I was Superwoman with everything I had completed.

However, the whole my little man waking up at 0530 since the clocks have changed can stop now. Little man has always been my early riser BUT this whole 0530 thing is just too much. I guess the plus side of him rising early is this mama has more time for coffee. Yes, that works. More time for coffee.

I guess this whole rising early thing isn’t such a bad thing. I mean you cannot go wrong with more coffee! Maybe that’s why I felt like Superwoman yesterday? Too much coffee? Naw. You can never have too much coffee.  


03 November 2014

Less Means More

How many times does God show us what He wants us to do but we do not pay attention? How many times does a topic keep coming up around us and we think “wow, I have heard so much about this lately?” Maybe we need to realize it is God trying to get our attention. Within the past month He has done this with me; trying to get my attention on a certain topic.
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