08 July 2014

Stepping Back

Just recently I decided to step away from my “everyday” life and focus on Him. I found myself getting caught up in sin that I was slowly fading away from Him. I did not like who I was. I was saying things and doing things that I knew was wrong. I would feel His conviction but disregarded it without really knowing that I was disregarding Him. I would justify my behavior.  I was so caught up in the flesh that I lost sight of who Christ wanted me to be.

16 May 2014

Come On Over

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14 May 2014

A Little Overnight Vacation

A couple weeks ago we had to travel a little over two hours for hubby’s surgery. We decided to travel down the night prior to his surgery so hubby could get a goodnight’s rest and we did not have to wake at 2:30am the day of surgery. It was a win/win for all of us. We found a hotel with a pool and only a couple miles from the hospital. Our plan for the evening was to eat dinner, allow the blessings to swim in the pool, and then prepare for the next day. We were all excited for this little overnight vacation.

12 May 2014

No More App

With technology today, we have the ability to have the Bible at our fingertips. We have apps available to us that give us His Word. Most Bible apps allow us to highlight scriptures that speak to us or provide reading plans or even devotionals. Nowadays we should not have an excuse as to why we cannot read His Word. I have an app on my phone and it is very convenient. I can access the Bible no matter where I am and also search for certain scriptures. However, I do not use it to read anymore.

11 May 2014

Menu Plan for 11 May-17 May


I am so proud of my family. Not once did we stray from our menu last week. I had no complaints from anyone about what was on the menu. Normally, the kids will say, “mom, what’s for lunch or dinner?” Then they usually answer themselves before I can answer, “whatever you want?”  Most of the time the answer was correct. I know God opened my eyes during this time to show me where I was lacking. I needed to get back onto menu planning! I always wonder why I stray from menu planning.

08 May 2014

Just a Speck

Sometimes the struggles we face in life can literally push us to the ground. We cannot bear the weight of the burdens we feel in our life. The valleys seem deeper and the journey to the mountaintop seems impossible.  You know God is with you. You feel Him. You know He is working behind the scenes. You know His timing is perfect. You begin to wonder how much longer you can continue to bear the weight. You feel your knees starting to buckle. You yell out to Him to hold you up.

06 May 2014

We Have Two Choices

Hubby is out of work for two weeks. We can sit and complain about how this could be a burden to our family. He used the rest of his personal leave. We will not receive a full paycheck next pay period.  Many negatives exist in this situation. However, all I can do is praise God for this time off.
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